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Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

The undergraduate program in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies (HP) provides a well-rounded, professionally-focused education leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. The program is concerned with the socio-cultural, behavioral, psychological, and biological factors contributing to wellness and disease. It is an ideal major for students interested in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, public health, epidemiology, health psychology, and health behavior research. Areas of study include: cultural diversity in medicine; substance abuse prevention and program planning; nutrition and fitness; health promotion of minority and underserved populations; and general public health issues (e.g., HIV/AIDS, violence, health promotion in the workplace and behavioral medicine).

Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Science degree is awarded after students successfully complete 128 units, consisting of 66 units for the major and fulfillment of USC general education requirements including third semester equivalency in a foreign language.

Requirements for the Major (66 units)

The program is divided into core and elective components.

The following core component (42 units) is required of all students.

Non-HP Core Courses (20 units) Units
BISC 120L General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution, or
BISC 121L Advanced General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution 4
BISC 220L General Biology: Cell Biology and Physiology, or
BISC 221L Advanced General Biology: Cell Biology and Physiology 4
CHEM 105aL General Chemistry, or
CHEM 115aL Advanced General Chemistry 4
MATH 108g Contemporary Precalculus, or
MATH 125* Calculus I 4
PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology 4
*MATH 125 allows students who have placed out of MATH 108g to take a higher-level math class; it also satisfies the math requirement for premedical students.

HP Core Courses (22 units) Units Units
HP 200 Introduction to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 4
HP 300 Theoretical Principles of Health Behavior 4
HP 320 Biological and Behavioral Basis of Disease 4
HP 340L Health Behavior Statistical Methods 4
HP 350L Health Behavior Research Methods 4
HP 490x Directed Research 2-4 (max. 12)

Upper Division HP and Health Profession Preparatory Elective Courses (24 units)

A total of 24 units of electives are required of all students. At least 12 of the 24 units must be HP courses.

HP Upper Division Electives (Minimum 12 units) Units
HP 370 Introduction to Epidemiology: Methods and Applications 4
HP 400 Culture, Lifestyle, and Health 4
HP 401 Cultural Competence in Medicine 4
HP 402 Maternal and Child Health 4
HP 403 Behavioral Medicine 4
HP 404 Religion and Health 4
HP 405 Sexually Transmitted Disease: A Global Public Health Priority 4
HP 408 Environmental Health in the Community 4
HP 410 Issues in Prevention and Cessation of Drug Abuse 4
HP 411 Drug Intervention Program Design and Evaluation 4
HP 412 Health Promotion and Prevention Policy 4
HP 420 Gender and Minority Health Issues 4
HP 421 Violence as a Public Health Issue 4
HP 422 AIDS in Society 4
HP 430 Obesity and Health 4
HP 431 Behavior and Education Strategies for Nutrition and Fitness 4
HP 432 Clinical Nutrition 4
HP 433 Advanced Topics in Nutrition 4
HP 434 Physical Activity and Health 4
HP 440 Happiness, Well-Being, and Health 4
HP 441 Health Promotion in the Workplace 4
HP 442 Chronic Disease Epidemiology 4
HP 446 Poisons, People, and Politics 4
HP 448 Global Environmental Changes and Health 4
HP 450 Traditional Eastern Medicine and Modern Health 4
HP 460 Adolescent Health 4
HP 465 Health Status of Indigenous Peoples of America 4
HP 485 Global Health: Obesity and Nutrition 4

Non-HP Electives (Maximum 12 units) Units
BISC 320L Molecular Biology 4
BISC 330L Biochemistry 4
CHEM 105bL General Chemistry, or
CHEM 115bL Advanced General Chemistry 4
CHEM 322abL Organic Chemistry 4-4
EXSC 300L Physiology of Exercise 4
EXSC 301L Human Anatomy 4
EXSC 407aL Advanced Exercise Physiology 4
PHYS 135abL Physics for the Life Sciences, or 4-4
PHYS 151L Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics, and 4
PHYS 152L Fundamentals of Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism 4
PPD 325 Fundamentals of Health Policy and Management 4
PPD 330 Introduction to Health Care Systems 4
PSYC 336L Developmental Psychology 4
PSYC 355 Social Psychology 4
PSYC 437 Adolescent Development 4
SOCI 350 Social Exclusion, Social Power, and Deviance 4
SOCI 475 Medical Sociology 4

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